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Infographic on cat DNA and genetics

For me cat DNA and genetics is all about cat breeding. Do cat breeders, even those registered with cat associations, have a good knowledge of genetics? They should have because artificial selection as opposed...

2x Cute Fluffy Half maine coon kittens for sale

Could my cat be part Maine Coon?

Your cat could be part Maine Coon but the only way you might be able to find out is with a DNA test (but see below). I can see that one so-called expert website...

Domestic cat is one cat species

Do domestic cats come from big cats?

Do domestic cats come from big cats? The answer has to be no. The reason is because the big cats split off and formed their own path millions of years ago. This is a...

Feline hunting is in their DNA

Why do domestic cats still hunt?

Domestic cats still hunt because it is in their DNA to do so. It is a characteristic which is a genetic inheritance. It is hard wired into their brains and personalities. And it has...

Maine Coon at vet

Can a vet determine cat breed?

You might think that the answer to the question depends on where you live but although the response will vary the outcome will probably be the same. If you walked into a vet clinic...

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