Thai cats – describing their place in the Siamese cat family

People have different points of view about Thai cats. And it is quite a complicated history. I will present my views and try and simplify the history. Although I expect someone to disagree with me. Thai cats are a relatively new form of Siamese cat. It is probably politically incorrect to describe Thai cats …

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Seeing cats differently; from being literally thrown away to Instagram fame

Trident, a three-legged flame pointed Siamese type cat

People see cats differently. It is amazing how differently. For one unknown person this tiny, cute, three-legged, probably non-purebred, flame pointed Siamese-type cat was no more than rubbish as he was found alone in Red Rock Canyon, Nevada1. Red Rock Canyon is a national conservation area. It is rocky, beautiful and desert-like. I wonder …

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What is a Lynx Point Siamese?

A lynx point Siamese cat has tabby markings within the usually pointing. The extremities of a Siamese cat are darker than the other areas. This is called ‘pointing’. The pointing colour varies and is nearly always a solid colour such as ‘seal’ (very dark brown) or ‘blue’ (a light bluish-grey). But with the lynx …

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