Extraordinary Japan – cat man

Cat man in Japan

A really strange cat picture. Who does this? The cats have to be incredibly relaxed or even obedient to make this work. Or trained. Whatever. Because the overriding fear is that if something frightening happens in the street the cats will scram. They’d run away and hide. And being in a public place it’d …

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Hello Kitty – what type of cat?

Hello Kitty

Hello Kitty is a female, anthropomorphised (humanised), Japanese Bobtail cat. She is all-white and her full name is Kitty White (‘Kiti Howaito’). In terms of the cat fancy, traditionally the Japanese bobtail is normally seen in a tortoiseshell-and-white coat. This is a coat of three colours (particolor) and not all-white. Although the Japanese Bobtail …

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Japanese folk-myth ‘bakeneko’ – reason why Japanese Bobtail is popular in Japan

Bakeneko cat with a long tail split into two

Dr. Desmond Morris makes an interesting statement in his book Cat World. He writes about the Japanese Bobtail and says that the popularity of this short-tailed cat in Japan is partly due to the fact that there is a Japanese folk myth called a ‘bakeneko’ which warns that long-tailed cats can change into human …

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Enormous 3D tricolor cat goes viral as it moves around on Japanese billboard

Enormous tricolor cat moves around in three dimensions on Japanese billboard

There are 3 videos! The reason? Backup if one or two cease to function! And 2 of these sorts of videos have a habit of disappearing because they are embedded from other websites. 今日の15時半ごろに現地で撮られた映像です。雑踏が思いのほかうるさいので、声の大きさは調整しなきゃ。再生時、音量注意です!⚠️ pic.twitter.com/8OsmcyyVOo — 新宿東口の猫 (@cross_s_vision) July 5, 2021 The animal is visible on a 1,664-square-foot curved 4K LED screen in the …

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