Captive Pallas’s cats die of toxoplasmosis

Pallas's Cat

China’s first artificial bred Pallas’s cat dies: In a recent report from China, Sundaniang, the country’s first artificially bred Pallas’s cat (aka manul), died in Qinghai Park. Sundaniang was known for her contribution to scientific research on artificial reproduction and had become a beloved figure through her livestreamed daily activities. She was born on …

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5 small cats can make a living in the desert

Several small cats make a living in the desert some of which also live in cold climates.

Although there is only one true desert-living small cat, the sand cat, there are four other small wild cat species that can make a living in the desert: Pallas’s cat, bobcat, Andean cat and pampas cat. Bobcats occur in four deserts of North America. The bobcat has a very wide distribution which is why …

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Four Pallas’s cats raised by domestic cats at a Russian rescue center being fed raw chicken

Russian farmer finds Pallas's cat kittens in his barn and takes them to a rescue center where they are raised by domestic cats and fed raw chicken

This is an unusual story, perhaps a unique story and one which strikes a chord with me because quite a lot of people ask whether you can keep Pallas’s cat as a pet. The answer is that you cannot because although they look super cute with their long and dense fur and their interesting …

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Explaining the evolution (creation) of the dense and long coat of Pallas’s cat (manul)

Natural selection created the Pallas's cat's long and dense coat which is not an adaptation to a cold climate but a genetic mutation which provided a benefit to this small wild species

Pallas’s cat (Latin, scientific name: Otocolobus manul) is considered to have the thickest coat of all the cat species. The obvious conclusion is that this small and charming-looking wild cat species needs a thick coat because they live in a very cold and harsh habitat. I’m told that the coat is so dense that …

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What are the most attractive cat species?

Sand cat is one of the most attractive cat species

I think I’d better start this discussion by clarifying what a ‘cat species’ is. There are around 37 cat species. The number depends on how you classify them (taxonomy) and there is still some discussion on that topic. All bar one are wild cats. One of the species or subspecies is the domestic cat …

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Pallas’s cat is NOT endangered generally the experts say

Pallas's cat in Mongolia

People ask ‘Why are Pallas’s cats endangered?’ but they aren’t according to the people who are meant to know. It is a slightly surprising conclusion by the IUCN Red List people who’ve listed the Pallas’s cat as Least Concern. This is one step better than Near Threatened (see categories below). In other words, they …

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Pallas’s cat lives at the highest point above sea level of all the cat species

Pallas's cat discovered at 17,000 feet on Mount Everest

On my estimation and based upon my knowledge of the wild cat species, Pallas’s cat (manual) lives at the highest point above sea level of all the cat species at about 17,000 feet on Mount Everest. Of course, they live elsewhere (see base of article) 😃😎. This article doesn’t apply to all Pallas’s cats …

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Can Pallas’s cat successfully mate with a domestic cat?

Can Pallas's cat successfully mate with a domestic cat?

Pallas’s cat which is often incorrectly referred to as the ‘Pallas cat’, the scientific name of which is ‘manual’ can successfully mate with domestic cats according to Peter Pallas the naturalist who discovered Pallas’s cat in 1776 and after whom the cat species is named. This information is reported by Sarah Hartwell on her …

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