Kitten rescued from behind a glass wall adopted by the man who found it

Kitten rescued

A kitten trapped behind a glass wall in China has not only been rescued but found a forever home. The kitten was spotted earlier this month lodged behind a glass wall in the southwestern city of Chengdu, China by a karaoke … please continue reading

Kittens in Upstate SC are being TNR’d too young and released back into the community

Feral kitten

The following post was made on the Foster Paws Rescue (FPR) Facebook wall back on March 5, and I was also contacted via Facebook. Please read. This is serious, as it appears someone is practicing TNR on kittens too young for … please continue reading

Upstate SC Kitten Mom is Building a Kitten Nursery

Today I’d like to tell you about a young woman who’s determined to make a difference in the kitten world. Greenville County Animal Care Services, a high-intake, high-kill shelter located in upstate South Carolina is known for killing small kittens … please continue reading