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Bunch of Pallas's cat kittens

Picture of 8 Pallas’s cat kittens

The photo was taken at Novosibirsk Zoo, Russia. It is located in central-south Russia. They are also a research institute. The Pallas’s cat kittens look pissed off. They always do. It is their facial...

Manul in captivity

Are Pallas cats nice?

Pallas’s cats are nice to look at but they are not nice to live with because they are not acclimated to living with people or to put in a better way they are not...


What do Pallas’s cats eat?

Their favorite food is pika. This small wild cat is also referred to as the manul (proper name) and the Pallas cat (incorrect). They feed largely on pikas (mouse hares), gerbils, voles, mouselike rodents...

Manul in captivity

Can Pallas cats be pets?

The Pallas’s cat does not make a good pet. ‘Pallas cat’ is strictly speaking not the name of this wild cat species. It’s more scientific name is ‘manul’ and it is sometimes referred to...


Are Pallas cats dangerous?

Conclusion Are Pallas cats dangerous? If you handle one which is unsocialised without protection they are potentially dangerous because they can cause harm but as a small species of wild cat, they do seem...

What wild cat has the longest fur?

What wild cat has the longest fur?

This is a no brainer. In first place is the Manul or Pallas’s cat and second is the snow leopard. The lynx has dense medium-long fur too. I think we can say that Pallas’s...

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