Dogs and infants respond best to baby-talk from women

A recent study found that dogs respond better to women speaking in baby talk compared to talking in ordinary human language and also compared to men talking to them. And the reason for this is that – and this is my view – women are more used to speaking in baby language when talking …

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Language is the biggest communication barrier between human and cat, not the cat’s intelligence

Language is the biggest barrier in the human-to-cat relationship not intelligence

I’ve been thinking about the fact that people relate to their domestic cat companion as a child and as a member of the family but accept the fact that they can’t communicate with their cat as they would a child. If only we could communicate with language to our cats, how much better the …

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Is it a bad thing to anthropomorphise your domestic cat?

Why do we anthropomorphise our pets?

I have consistently said that cat guardians should respect their cat companion as a feline but treat them as a member of the human family. I think that is the right combination but it does lend itself towards anthropomorphising your cat. However, I don’t think this is a bad thing necessarily. The experts say …

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