Wagging tails – cats versus dogs. An infographic with a mini-video

Cats versus dogs on tail wagging

RELATED: How many tail-signals does a domestic cat make? The infographic and mini-video is deliberately kept succinct and to the point despite which the information is accurate and covers the essentials. Dogs are tail waggers while cats are not really. Dogs indicate happiness with tail wagging while cats indicate the same emotion with the …

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Spending quality time with dogs reduces stress and anxiety (study)

Spending time with dogs makes you more creative and reduces stress and anxiety according to this research

Spending quality time with dogs can help to reduce stress and anxiety levels and it can make you more creative according to a recently published study on the Internet on the PLOS ONE website entitled “Psychophysiological and emotional effects of human–Dog interactions by activity type: An electroencephalogram study”. Diverse activities between humans and dogs …

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Women more likely than men to employ baby talk towards puppy-eyed dogs

Puppy eyes are very enticing and they elicit baby talk in women but not men

Puppy dog eyes are more effective in getting women to become maternal and speak baby talk than men, according to a study in which scientists analysed men’s and women’s voices when responding to pictures of dogs with variable-sized eyes. Dogs and babies are more likely to respond to baby talk in women by the …

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Dogs and infants respond best to baby-talk from women

A recent study found that dogs respond better to women speaking in baby talk compared to talking in ordinary human language and also compared to men talking to them. And the reason for this is that – and this is my view – women are more used to speaking in baby language when talking …

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