Why do American vets allow cat owners to give Sub-Q injections while British vets don’t?

There is a culture difference between American and British veterinarians. According to Helen Fitzsimons, the internet’s expert on feline chronic kidney disease (felinecrf.org), a possible reason why this culture difference exists in respect of home treatments in using subcutaneous fluids … please continue reading

In Australia Some Commercial Cat Food Could Cause “Severe Illness or Injury” to Adult Cats

Peer-reviewed research at the University of Sydney published in the Australian Veterinary Journal has concluded that some commercial pet food could cause severe illness or injury to adult cats. This is shocking news. This is outrageous news. But it does … please continue reading

Third-hand Cigarette Smoke and Cat Health

Third-hand cigarette smoke may have an impact on a cat’s health. It should be flagged up, at least. Third-hand cigarette smoke is a controversial subject. Some people say it is just the anti-smoking brigade putting out propaganda. No doubt, the … please continue reading

Health: Can The Life of a Domestic Cat Be Too Sterile?

What I mean is this: is a domestic cat exposed to enough microbes and germs in order to keep both his immune system and his gastrointestinal tract (GI) healthy? With respect to people, there is evidence that germs from family … please continue reading