Social media celebrity biking couple Travis and Sigrid involved in RTA

Travis and Sigrid knocked off their bike by a passing motorcyclist at traffic lights in London traffic resulting in him being criticised on social media for, I guess, endangering his cat.

Temporarily, the celebrity of the biking couple Travis and Sigrid came crashing to the ground in a road traffic accident. It resulted in thousands of criticisms of Travis Nelson on social media which is the exact opposite to what he would like to see. You may have bumped into Travis and Sigrid on your …

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Picture of Hodge, Southwark Cathedral cat, with plush toys in his image

Hodge Southwark Cathedral cat with plush toys in his image

This picture of Hodge, the Southwark cathedral cat, posing with his own soft-toy replicas is probably my favourite picture on the internet atm — Alex 🇬🇧🏳️‍🌈 (@ChaoticCentrist) August 12, 2021 To put it crudely, Hodge, is a replacement for the previous Southwark Cathedral resident cat, Doorkins, who passed away peacefully in September 2020. …

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Trains went over domestic cat about 250 times and he survived

LONDON, UK: London underground trains went over Blitz, a white-and-black domestic cat with a hint of Turkish Van, an estimated 250 times without any injuries. It appears that he was hiding within the rails below the level of the trains to escape foxes who’d attacked him causing extensive injuries to his tail which needed …

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Why did the male Sumatran tiger kill his potential mate at London zoo?

Asim and Melati

It’s all over the news, an endangered male Sumatran tiger at London Zoo attacked and killed his intended mate soon after they were allowed to be together for the first time. Why did the male kill the female? The male cat is seven years of age and he arrived at Regent’s Park Zoo 10 …

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Neighbors complain about a catio for blind and deaf cats

Catio for blind cats in London

A woman living in London, UK, is embroiled in a council planning row and a dispute with complaining neighbours because she installed a modest sized cat enclosure for blind cats in her back garden (backyard). Her name is Josie Hitchens. Josie looks after four blind and one deaf cat. She says that she has …

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