The meow translated into English

Cat meow translated into English

Do you want to know what the meow means in the English language? Here it is: “I require your immediate attention.” The meow is also spelled ‘miaow’. It always has the same basic message as stated. It is a general request. It normally means that the cat wants food as almost all cat caregivers …

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Origin of the word ‘meow’ – it’s onomatopoeic

Tabby M mark

The origin of the word “meow” is an onomatopoeic representation of the actual sound that domestic cats make, usually when requesting something such as food, albeit that it is a stereotypic representation because the domestic cat meow is very variable and often does not sound like a typical meow at all. The word ‘meow’ …

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Cat sounds like a baby – the evolved meow

Meowing in unison

If you compare the meow of the domestic cat’s wildcat ancestor to that of the domestic cat today you will notice a difference. Over 10,000 years of domestication the domestic cat meow has evolved to better communicate with human caregivers. And in response, humans have evolved as well in order to be more sensitive …

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A smartphone app which translates your cat’s sounds

In November 2020 I wrote about the development of this software. It is now on the market on Google Play as a downloadable smartphone app called Meow Talk. In summary, you will be able to translate your cat’s sounds using your smartphone which is the Holy Grail of translation services. I’m not sure that …

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Software business developing cat vocalisation translator using AI and machine learning!

Screenshot from MeowTalk app

Background Akvelon, whose motto is “We make BIG software happen”, are developing a computer program using artificial intelligence and machine learning which they claim will be able to translate a domestic cat’s vocalisations (sounds such as meows) for the benefit of their human caretakers. It’s the Holy Grail of the cat-to-human relationship. We do …

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