Domesticated, calico stray cat who gatecrashed the Cairo Film Festival poisoned by the authorities

'Festival Cat' being petted at the Film Festival

NEWS AND NEWS-CAIRO, EGYPT: This cute and confident calico cat became a social media star in Egypt when she gatecrashed the Cairo Film Festival (19-28 November 2020). She hobnobbed with the rich and famous on the red catwalk (excuse the pun). The film stars enjoyed her presence and interacted with her. It is the …

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Why did ancient Egyptians shave off their eyebrows to mourn their dead cats?

Twitter recreation of shaving eyebrows to mourn the passing of a cat

Answer: shaving the eyebrows to mourn the passing of their cat, is a clear signal to others. Some background information on the relationship between ancient Egyptians and animals helps, I think, to understand the practice of shaving eyebrows on the death of a cat at that time. The quote comes from Herodotus, an ancient …

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Egypt: young street cat wants to make friends with a nurse on his tea break

Egypt - young Egyptian street cat goes up to nurse on break and makes instant friends

NEWS AND VIEWS (COMMENT): A trainee male nurse working at an Egyptian hospital was taking a much needed break outside the hospital after a 12-hour continuous shift which he had been subjected to for the last 20 days. The pandemic has put a lot of pressure on medics. The guy’s name is Ahmed Flaty. …

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Ancient Egyptian Sun-God, Ra, took the form of a cat to fight chaos

Ra in the form of a cat fighting Apopis

This is a legendary cat. The ancient Egyptian Sun-God, Ra (also known as Re) took many forms one of which was a cat. Ra was also depicted as a full-bodied ram, a bull, a lion, a heron, a phoenix and even a serpent. Ra did battle with his arch-enemy Apep, also known as Apopis. …

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Cat statues of ancient Egypt have plain coats whereas the real cats were mackerel tabbies

Tabbies of ancient Egypt

The domestic cats of ancient Egypt were all brown, mackerel tabbies whereas the bronze statues of cats from that era had plain coats. The statues look like modern day Abyssinian cats both in terms of their coat and body confirmation while the ‘real cats’ of that era look like classic, random bred mackerel (striped) …

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Mo Salah, FPA player of the year 2017-18, steps in to stop export of cats from Egypt

Several days ago I wrote about a well-publicised story in which it was reported that more than 4000 cats and dogs were going to be exported from Egypt quite possibly to South Korea where they might have been brutally killed and then served up in restaurants. There was uproar from animal advocates. Well, now, …

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Egypt is going to export 2,400 stray cats to an unknown country for an unknown purpose. Are you concerned?

The online newspaper, Middle East Eye, reports that the authorities in Egypt have obtained licences to export 2,400 cats and 1,700 dogs to an unknown destination, for an unknown purpose at that destination. There is, though, one certainty and that is the authorities are concerned about the number of stray dogs and cats on …

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