Notes about bird flu, domestic cats and people

Bird flu

It might be useful just to briefly touch on the bird flu epidemic which affects America and other countries. I’m going to refer exclusively to America in this article partly because America’s CDC have some very useful information about it. Firstly, they remind us that bird flu is zoonotic. It can be transferred from …

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Information and infographic on SPOROTRICHOSIS a fungal infection in cats which is spreading

Sporothrix brasiliensis

For many people, this will be a new cat fungal infection. People are familiar with ringworm in cats which, too, is a fungal infection that is known by many cat caregivers and shelter managers. There are other fungal infections. The one I am addressing today is new to me: Sporothrix brasiliensis. It is present …

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Who’s not washing their hands after handling their cat?

Washing hands after handling your cat

America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that people wash their hands after they handle their cats. Although there is no evidence that cats spread Covid-19 to people they say that all animals carry germs that can make people sick. It is a good idea, therefore, to wash your hands after touching …

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