Can domestic cats survive outside? Lady Godiva did.

Despite Lady Godiva's grumpy expression, the shelter says she's so sweet. Photo by Heart of Minnesota Animal Shelter

This is a poorly formulated question in my opinion by many people carrying out an Internet search using Google. What they mean is can a domestic cat survive outside without the intervention of a human caretaker? Or to put it another way, can a domestic cat leave their home and live in the wild …

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Cat breeders can turn the most handsome breeds into gargoyles

Gargoyle-like Persian cat

I have just written an article about a hefty Maine Coon who was bred to extreme with a hint of gargoyle by their creator. Not God but a Maine Coon breeder. I’ve mentioned God because gargoyles are attached to the outside of large and imposing cathedrals to ward off evil spirits and make the …

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Has your cat died or her health deteriorated because you listened to health advice on Facebook?

Cat illness diagnosis at home can be useful and life-saving

This page is in two parts. The first part looks at how commonly cat owners use Facebook for cat health advice. The second half concerns the personal experiences of a long-term, knowledgeable cat caregiver, Elisa Black-Taylor. She is the person who asked the question and she regularly visits Facebook to discuss medical issues and …

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Who’s not washing their hands after handling their cat?

Washing hands after handling your cat

America’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommend that people wash their hands after they handle their cats. Although there is no evidence that cats spread Covid-19 to people they say that all animals carry germs that can make people sick. It is a good idea, therefore, to wash your hands after touching …

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