An MP in the Croydon area is urging for police to reopen UK cat mutilation investigation

cat mutilation deaths

An MP in the Croydon, UK area is urging for police to reopen the Croydon cat killer/mutilation investigation. As many as 400 cats were reported mutilated or killed in and around south London since November 2015. Metropolitan Police closed their three-year investigation, Operation Takahe, in 2018. Six cases needed a more thorough investigation but …

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Cats killed and injured in Brighton: 2 cats dead and another 5 injured after being stabbed

This article is a follow-up to the Croydon cat killings which have occurred for more than three years in Southeast London. Michael (PoC) has covered the killings extensively and those articles can be found here. Since September 2018 two cats have died after being stabbed and another five were attacked in Brighton. Not only …

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Veterinarians clash with police over Croydon Cat Killer’s existence

Police solve case of Croydon cat killer NO

The mysterious Croydon cat killer (a person or persons) has been accused or killing and mutilating up to 400 cats for years. It all started in Croydon, SE London. Recently the Met Police (and other forces) threw resources at it to no avail. No one could find the mysterious killer of so many domestic …

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