8 facts which can guide you in picking the longest-lived dog breeds

Selecting a dog breed with the longest lifespan is important and this study will help you

A recent study helps us understand which dog breeds are likely to live the longest. The first ‘fact’ to take note of is that dogs breeds with short snouts have shorter lifespans than those with long snouts. The reasons is that the flattened faces of, for example, the French the English bulldogs imports health …

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Anti-ageing drug rapamycin expected to extend the lives of dogs, humans (and cats!)

Rapamycin is being tested on extending the lifespan and health span of dogs, eventually humans and we must include cats.

Although the newspapers say that the anti-ageing drug rapamycin is being tested to extend the lives of dogs and possibly humans, I am going to state that if it works for dogs and humans it must work for cats. I must, therefore introduce cats into this article. It seems to be a kind of …

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Comparing cat and dog ages with human age in a table (and more)

Cat and dog age comparison to human age

It is perhaps quite interesting to compare how both cats and dogs age in comparison to humans. You’ll see a lot of cat age charts compared to human age and likewise you’ll see the same for dogs but how about a direct cat to dog comparison? There are complications! There would be wouldn’t there. …

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