Do Maine Coons act like dogs? Read why the question is misleading.

Maine Coon

So called experts say that Maine Coons are dog-like. The top Google search result declares with unwavering confidence that Maine Coons act like dogs. Come on, please 😇 . All Maine Coons are not specifically ‘dog-like’ and they don’t act like dogs because they are cats acting like cats. That’s obvious but it needs …

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If your partner prefers dogs get a dog-like cat

Super looking cat a young Maine Coon

There must me hundreds of thousands of examples of partnerships in which the woman wants to adopt a cat but the man does not because he prefers dogs. And the discussion commences. Well, it won’t be so much a discussion but a subtle campaign by the woman during which she gradually convinces her man …

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Cat Matata, Half Dog or Half Cat?

by Rudolph.A.Furtado (Mumbai) Matata Cat Matata, the offspring of my traditional Persian queen, cat Matahari is more dog-like in behaviour, something that baffles me. He is absolutely childish in behaviour, the non-human child of my bachelor house-hold! He is mortally afraid of his dam Matahari, she being the ultimate alpha cat of the house. …

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