Humble, slow-moving toad can poison cats with bufotoxin

Toads are poisonous to cats

Before I discuss bufotoxin, a particularly virulent poison otherwise known as ‘bufotalin’ carried by the humble toad (genus Bufo), I would like to quote a very brief extract from Dr. Desmond Morris’s book Catlore about substances poisonous to cats. A lot of poisons are inside the home because “we have thoughtlessly introduced [them] into …

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Owners of cats and dogs poisoned to death by commercially prepared foods should receive an automatic $10,000 payment in compensation

I award $10,000 for emotional distress on the loss of you cat

What you think about the idea in the title? Please share your thoughts. The figure of $10,000 comes from Nathan Winograd, the founder of the No Kill Advocacy Center. It’s in US dollars but it could be in UK pounds or any other currency. It is as at this date (April 2023). It will …

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