Ocelot-cougar hybrid is viable

There is a nice reference in Wikipedia to a purported ocelot-cougar hybrid. A mating of a puma and an ocelot can happen but in my travels over the internet you only see it happen in an artificial environment. You see it with captive cats managed by people who either deliberately facilitate mating between two …

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Tigers for sale – 2022 – it needs to be banned

Lion and tiger cubs are best buddies

‘Tigers for sale’ is a phrase that I do not want to read when it concerns private sales from unscrupulous traders selling to naive customers. This page is not about inter-zoo sales which are bad enough. Humankind should not be trading tigers online. It should be entirely banned across the globe. Sadly, that is …

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Living With And Understanding Servals And Caracals

by Deborah-Ann Milette (New York) Noah’s Wonder a picture of beauty In a previous short story I revealed that I rescued exotic cats (Caracals Can Communicate with Their Ears). Well, I never in my life thought that my adopted father would actually get involved in my passion to rescue a serval and caracal in …

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Looking after Wild Cats and Wildcat Hybrids

by Robin (Birmingham AL USA) I drove from Alabama to w. VA to get 2 F1 jungle cat (Felis chaus) hybrids from a Bengal breeder who rescued them. The F1+ 75% jungle cat 25% domestic kittens had been purchased by and surrendered by someone who had no clue what they were getting into and …

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Jaguarundi at the Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park?

by President of the Loxahatchee Battlefield Preservationists (9060 Indiantown Rd. Jupiter, FL, 33478) Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park – High ground On April 7, 2012 at 13:00 hours two guests visiting Loxahatchee River Battlefield Park / Riverbend Park in Jupiter, Florida reported seeing a very strange wild cat. The couple who are Florida natives saw …

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Wild Logic, Instinctive Killing, Instinctive Caring

Wild Logic, Instinctive Killing, Instinctive Caring by Michael This is a video that Dorothy found for me. It shows what I have referred to a wild logic. The leopard instinctively kills prey to survive and in this case the leopard attacks a Baboon, which is also a foe. The leopard is young and inexperienced. …

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