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Eurasian lynx

Eurasian lynx- comprehensive page

Overview: The Eurasian lynx (Lynx lynx) is the largest of the European wildcats. It is also the largest of the subspecies of lynx of which the American bobcat is part. The other is the...

Canada lynx

How big is a Canada lynx?

Canada lynx are medium-sized wild cats. Sometimes people refer to them as big cats but they are aren’t. They are larger than typical domestic cats but much smaller than the big cats such as...

Iberian lynx

How far do lynx travel?

Background There are actually three subspecies of lynx which is not specified in the question. So if I am going to answer the question fully I have to refer to each subspecies of lynx....

Canada lynx

How far does a lynx travel?

I provide information on the daily travelling distances of the Canada lynx, Eurasian lynx, bobcat and Iberian lynx.

Wolf encounters Eurasian lynx in Belarus

Do wolves kill lynx?

Do wolves kill lynx? Yes. An alternative question would be ‘Can a lynx kill a wolf’ or ‘Where the lynx and wolf are sympatric (share the same landscape) which animal pushes the other out...

Eurasian lynx

Can a lynx kill a healthy adult human?

This is one of those debatable questions because as there are no records of lynx killing humans we have to speculate and theorise, which lends itself to debate and argument. The operative word is...

Lynx howling at each other

Video of Canada lynx in verbal duel

The news media have described this as caterwauling but I would not call it that because strictly speaking caterwauling is a vocalisation employed for long distance mating calls. This is a couple of male...

Lynx ear tufts

Why do lynx have ear tufts?

Lynx have prominent ear tufts because they help to communicate. That is my assessment. There is no official assessment. You can’t look up the answer in a book or on the internet; until this...

Where Does the Lynx Live?

The four species of lynx live in different places although there is a wide overlap between the bobcat and Canada lynx. The Canada lynx lives in North America (mainly Canada). The Eurasian lynx lives...

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