Mountain lions try to avoid artificially lit areas, possibly to avoid interactions with humans

Puma at night

In Southern California, mountain lions avoid areas which are lit artificially. It is believed that they do this to avoid people. Clearly, mountain lion regards humans as dangerous. This brings to mind, by the way, the common leopard which in some areas has become entirely nocturnal to avoid people. A recent study found that …

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Roads and rat poison, the biggest killers of the caracal on Cape Peninsula

Cape Peninsula caracal

NEWS AND COMMENT: It’s reported that there are fewer than 60 caracals remaining on the Cape Peninsula, that beautiful part of the world which is loved by many people. Clearly there are too many people and too many cars and too many roads. When you build roads across the habitat of a medium-sized wild …

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Is your significant other willing to do the “double check”?

Is this a dying cat or dog besides the road or a piece of bark against which a dog had peed?

Nathan Winograd has a nice way of checking whether your significant other, or significant other1 to be, is worthy of your time and affections. Nathan Winograd and Jennifer, his significant other, always doublecheck what they’ve driven passed beside the road because sometimes that “object” looks like it might have been an abandoned animal in …

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Woman recovers the bodies of cats hit by cars and reunites them with their owners

Trinity and Natalie

UK – NEWS AND COMMENT: Natalie Bennett is a star because she does something that a lot of people can’t do. She recovers the dead bodies of cats hit by cars and reunites them with their owners. At first, she was a bit squeamish about it but she now focuses on the good aspects …

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21 facts about cats involved in RTAs

Cat killed on the road

These facts about cats involved in road traffic accidents (RTAs) come from several studies (see base of page). The overall conclusion is one that you’d expect. Many cats are involved in RTAs and 25% die. Young male cats are most at risk. Some individual facts contain merged sub-facts and contradictions. For younger cats, a …

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Taxi driver swerves to avoid hitting a cat and ends up parked on top of a Jeep

Taxi driver swerves to avod a cat and ends up on top of a parked car

NEWS AND VIEWS: Cat lovers will be pleased about the outcome of this story. The picture is indirectly a ‘cat picture’ but we see no cat. But we do know that the red Toyota Prius which is resting precariously on top of a Jeep is a taxi and the taxi driver avoided a cat …

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Woman mistook a rabbit for her cat

Although perhaps under the circumstances mistaking a rabbit for your cat is possibly acceptable, this is an extraordinary story. They are, after all, quite different creatures. Cheryl Schmidt, living in Indiana, USA believed that she had found her beloved tortoiseshell-and-white cat dead beside the road. Her cat, Kitty, is quite distinctive as you can …

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