‘Kimbo’ another underexercised and obese pet caracal who overeats because he is bored

Kimbo is obese and obesity brings many health problems

Kimbo is another pet caracal – an exotic pet. They are popular on social media platforms. Sometimes I think people purchase a pet caracal so that they can become a celebrity on social media through their cat’s celebrity. See vicarious celebrity, In fact, I’m sure this is what is happening. The only pet caracals …

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Video tells you why ‘pet’ caracals are not pets at all

This pet caracal is far too defensively aggressive to be a successful companion and therefore cannot be called a pet in the true sense.

So, you’ve thought about buying an exotic pet cat as you are fascinated by the wild cats. The phrase ‘exotic pet’ includes pet wild cats. Actually ‘pet wild cat’ is an oxymoron as wild cats do not make pets as this video shows. A pet is a domesticated animal that is kept primarily for …

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Are caracals legal in Arizona?

Caracals are legal in Arizona with a license

It is legal to purchase and own a caracal in Arizona, provided that the owner has a license and is responsible for the animal’s care and feeding. Other states where caracals are legal as exotic pets include Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Indiana, Maine, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, South Dakota, and Texas. It …

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Do caracals eat livestock?

Caracals take livestock such as sheep and goats in South Africa and the farmers retaliate

Do caracals eat livestock? Yes, must be the answer but it depends where the caracal lives for obvious reasons because livestock has to be available to be taken. And in some parts of South Africa, the caracal has a reputation for killing livestock. Further, this obviously annoys South African farmers who retaliate. It should …

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Are caracals legal in Alabama?

Can you own a caracal in Alabama

Of all the smaller wild cats the caracal is generally more predisposed to accepting the role of human pet! So, can a citizen of Alabama own/possess the medium-sized wild cat called the caracal as an exotic pet? Although Alabama prohibits the personal possession of many exotic animals it does not prohibit the ownership of …

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Can you own a caracal in North Carolina?

The claws of a pet caracal

Yes, you can own a caracal in North Carolina but you’ll need permit to import this medium-sized wild cat. The North Carolina law on this is limited and sparse. It is strange and also, in my honest opinion, poorly drafted. Here it is the relevant extract as I see it: EXOTIC ANIMALS There are …

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3 wild cats you’ve never heard of with particular skills

Newman the sand cat at San Diego Zoo

If you are up to scratch on your wild cat species, you might have heard of this trio. Two are small, about the size of a domestic cat, while the third is medium-sized. The video comes from San Diego Zoo. The lady who provides the voice-over has, I think, made quite a nice selection …

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