Make it a legal requirement for drivers to stop and report collisions with cats in the UK

UK government won't introduce a law to make it obligatory for a driver to stop when they hit a cat

There’s been a campaign in the UK for some time to make it a legal requirement for drivers to stop and report collisions with cats. It makes sense to millions of ordinary people but it doesn’t make sense to the UK government. There was a petition which garnered 102,436 signatures. That’s why the government …

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Road signs encourage motorists to slow for cats

Chat en Balade road sign

NEWS AND VIEWS: New signs encouraging motorists to slow down when approaching areas at risk for animals including cats have been installed in Mennecy, Essonne, France. Mennecy is a commune in the Essonne department in Île-de-France in northern France. Mennecy is about 80 kilometers south of central Paris in the north of France. Personally, …

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Infographic on tips to minimize outdoor risks for domestic cats

Tips to minimise outdoor risks to cats

Note: except for these words I have deliberately not added text to see how it affects SEO. Please visit the articles below if the indoor/outdoor debate interests and excites you πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘.

Reason why UK drivers don’t have to stop and report a collision with a cat

D'Artagnan and Olivia

Olivia Holland-Rose, an actress who recently played a role in the Phantom of the Opera it is reported that she adopted a Somali purebred cat last Christmas and named him D’Artagnan. Sadly, he was run over by a car and killed. He was a gift from her husband. Looking at the photo of her …

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2 girls stand over their cat killed on a road where they are about to be hit by a van behind them

Two girls stand over their cat killed on the road where they are about to be hit themselves by a van behind them

NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a picture taken from a security camera video of two girls who are standing in the middle of what appears to be a 4-lane dual carriageway road in Buena Park, Los Angeles, USA. They are looking at their dead cat who had only just been killed by a vehicle …

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Cat uses pedestrian crossing like a human – learned or coincidence?

Cat uses a pedestrian crossing like a human

The reason why I have said that this cat uses the pedestrian crossing like a human is because they wait at one end of the pedestrian crossing until the traffic comes to a halt. Then they trot over to the other side. There is no darting across. It is as if this cat has …

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Is your significant other willing to do the “double check”?

Is this a dying cat or dog besides the road or a piece of bark against which a dog had peed?

Nathan Winograd has a nice way of checking whether your significant other, or significant other1 to be, is worthy of your time and affections. Nathan Winograd and Jennifer, his significant other, always doublecheck what they’ve driven passed beside the road because sometimes that “object” looks like it might have been an abandoned animal in …

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