6 reasons for the 90% drop in pound killings of US dogs and cats since the 1970s

Nathan Winograd and rescue cat

Despite the fact that the number of domestic cats and dogs in America has doubled since the 1970s, the number of these animals that have been killed (‘euthanized’) at shelters since then has decreased from 16 million to as low as 1.5 million annually. Nathan Winograd, the world’s expert on no-kill animal shelters and …

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Governor wants California to be a no-kill animal shelter state

Calif going no-kill

Governor Gavin Newsom has dedicated $50 million to the UC Davis Koret Shelter Medicine Program to give California’s animal shelters the training and resources that they need to meet the state’s no-kill goal in five years. This is the announcement on the Twitter feed of the Office of the Governor of California (see below). …

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North Carolina’s current poor record of killing cats and dogs at shelters

North Carolina's poor animal shelter kill rates

North Carolina (NC) currently has a relatively poor record of killing cats and dogs at their animal shelters. In other words their shelters have a higher kill rate than all other states bar two: California and Texas. This means that they have either (1) more unwanted companion animals than in most other states and …

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PETA is not entirely correct about no-kill policies

“No-kill” policies often do more harm than good in ending the cycle of companion-animal homelessness…. PETA says that when shelters become no-kill without addressing the root cause of the problem they make things worse because cats and dogs die an unpleasant death rather than being euthanised. They die an unpleasant death because of various …

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PETA is Wrong about No-kill Shelters

PETA is against no-kill animal shelters and rescue groups. They argue that they actually slowly kill animals. They argue that the animals die in miserable conditions or because the shelters are full (as the video shows), unwanted cats and dogs are cruelly killed, one way and other, by people who don’t want them. They …

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Los Angeles targets the ultimate goal: no-kill animal shelters

Los Angeles appears to be striving for that ultimate goal in animal shelter management: no-kill.  It takes imagination, commitment, and lots of effort to bring down the kill rate at animal shelters but it is feasible although many people will probably say it isn’t. The general manager of Los Angeles Animal Services (LAAS) Brenda …

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