Intermittent open-mouth locking in Persian cats

Persian cat

This is a condition which I have only just, today, bumped into on the Internet. It’s another inherited condition affecting Persian cats or it’s due to the abnormality of the bone structure of the Persian cat’s head. Although it is very rare. I’ve just written an article about the waning popularity of Persian cats …

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Inherited metabolic diseases in domestic cats

The Siamese cat has the most genetically inherited illnesses

The title describes disorders that produce degenerative changes in the central nervous system. They are determined by inherited genes. In each of the conditions listed a specific enzyme needed for nerve cell metabolism was missing. These conditions affect purebred cats and breeder should do their best to eliminate carriers from their breeding programme. Metabolic …

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When a mother cat attacks and kills her offspring without trying. Is neonatal isoerythrolysis nature’s mistake?


Neonatal isoerythrolysis (NI) is a strange disease because it goes against everything we are to believe about a mother caring for her offspring. Did nature screw up completely or is something happening which has created this dire state of affairs? I don’t think we know why it happens. I can’t find the reason for …

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Is the Maine Coon Healthier than the Persian?

From the standpoint of inheritable diseases the Maine Coon is healthier than the flat-faced Persian. Both are popular breeds. I believe this is worth knowing because most purebred cat adopters consider the health of the cat important. You are in the mood to adopt a cat and you fancy a purebred cat. Two of …

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The Tip of a Cat’s Nose

This is a discussion about the tip of the cat’s nose and a follow up to my page on a condition called “Bengal Nose”. The tip of a cat’s nose is a triangle of skin and is made up of nostrils, the nasal plane (planum nasale) and the philtrum (a groove). This area is …

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