23 facts about domestic and stray cats in Portugal

Stray cats of Portugal

Comment: the stray cat problem is as usual down to irresponsible cat caregiving in failing to spay and neuter their animals. The solution as always is education. A lot of the problems concerning the human-to-cat relationship is down to a lack of education. It leads to animal cruelty. Not deliberately but as a consequence …

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US cat and dog pet population combined rising faster than human population (infographic)

US cat & dog pet population rising faster than human population

Indeed, the statistics from the AVMA and Macrotrends present a fascinating picture, which I’ve captured in an infographic. Google Gemini’s analysis aligns with mine, though in different wording, stating, “The pet population in the USA, including both dogs and cats, is projected to grow at a faster rate than the human population,” implying a …

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Ownership of cats in the UK – 2007 compared with 2022

Cat ownership is different to dog ownership

Introduction: this page was first written and published in 2007. It has an archival interest and in updating it, the information can be compared with 2022. The graph below goes from 2011 to the present day. As is clear, there has been a notable surge in pet ownership during Covid i.e. 2020-2022. Pet ownership …

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