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Violin Cat

Violin Cat

This is a picture of a ‘violin cat’. There is no such thing of course but I love the way that this black cat melds into the violin case to create the shape of...

Hairless cat mimics behavior of debauched man

Hairless cat in debauched human pose

This cat photograph, although interesting, is unfair. It is unfair on this individual hairless cat whose pose mimics that of a debauched human. I’m being a bit silly because the cat doesn’t give a...

Dragon cat and amusing commentary

Dragon Cat is Untrainable!

Below is another of the many posts on cats by users who are natural comics. The one below is also good. It hints at what people see as the irrational or strange behavior...

The Shining Cat Version

The Shining For Cats

This is the cat version of that well-known Jack Nicholson horror film, The Shining. Cats don’t like and don’t understand doors. They are a human invention and they get in the way of a...

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