In Thailand tigers have lighter flames put under their noses to force their heads up for selfies

Cigarette lighter flame placed under the nose of a captive tiger to make them lift their head

NEWS AND VIEWS: In a crass example of animal cruelty in Thailand, Lady Freethinker has exposed the objectionable practice of stuffing cigarette lighter flames under the noses of tigers to force them to lift up their heads for pictures with tourists. It’s unimaginable and not only is it a violation of animal welfare laws …

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Picture of a lion cub snarling at a remotely operated camera

Lion cub in Masai Mara squares up to remotely operated camera

This little lion cub must have heard the remotely controlled camera whirring which prompted this reaction. Apparently the cub spent five minutes squaring up to the camera in the Masai Mara reserve, Kenya. To be frank, I am not entirely sure that the photograph was taken at the Masai Mara reserve but I believe …

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Pictures of cats: cutest Scottish Fold kitten

Cute Scottish Fold kitten

She looks like a brown tabby-and-white. Super cute owl-like face. Ears flat to the head. Big ‘M’ tabby mark on the forehead signifying tabby. Big round baby eyes set in a round head. Pink nose leather. Expression of bewilderment. She’ll be snapped up by a celebrity. Click this for a full page on this …

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Black-and-white dwarf cat becomes an Instagram star

Manchester a dwarf cat living in Moscow

The dwarf cat is still popular. The founding dwarf cat is the Munchkin. Manchester is almost 2-years-of-age and a social media star. Alexander Ushakov, 36, bought “Manchester” when he was 4 months old. The fact that he bought him indicates that Manchester is a purebred dwarf cat, a Munchkin. He might not be as …

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