Best speech bubble or caption to this cat picture gets a $50 Amazon voucher for Christmas!

Best speech bubble or caption gets a $50 voucher

This is a cute picture of two cats. They look like a couple of ladies engaged in conversation. The one of the left is actually yawning but you could pretend that she was being a little bit too vocal and talkative which has stunned the larger cat into bored silence. There is a glazed …

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Hairless cat in debauched human pose

Hairless cat mimics behavior of debauched man

This cat photograph, although interesting, is unfair. It is unfair on this individual hairless cat whose pose mimics that of a debauched human. I’m being a bit silly because the cat doesn’t give a damn about being photographed. Although it is a little disrespectful characterising the cat as a hedonistic, debauched human. Cats aren’t …

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Food loving cat likes to stick his arm through a gap on the hinge side of the fridge door

Carrot the cat loves his food

MARYLAND, USA: He’s Carrot, a smart ginger tabby cat. He was fostered by Rachel Zardus and Andrew Taylor after he was rescued as a kitten from a gas station by a friend who works at an animal hospital. Zardus and Taylor adopted him and he has grown into a handsome and smart cat who …

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