Violin Cat

This is a picture of a ‘violin cat’. There is no such thing of course but I love the way that this black cat melds into the violin case to create the shape of a violin (almost). You have to let your imagination go a little bit but it doesn’t take much. The tail of the cat is the neck of the violin. The way that the tail curls at the end is reminiscent of the scroll at the end of the neck of the violin. And the cat’s black head is the chinrest. It all fits together very nicely which is why it works so well.

Violin Cat
Violin Cat. Photo: Twitter.

On a slightly more serious note, you might want to ask why a black cat is resting in a violin case. The answer is probably because the scent of the cat’s human caregiver is inside the violin case having been transferred from the violin. So, this might be an example of the scent exchange. The scent from the case is deposited onto the cat which is what cat wants; and vice versa. The whole process makes the environment more friendly for the cat. It also makes the case a little less pristine clean because there will be some black hair strands inside it. No bother. It makes a good picture.

Sady, I do not have any information about the cat or their name or the human caregiver’s name either. I’m sorry for that but it’s a photograph which has been tweeted without any details that I can see at the moment.

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Best speech bubble or caption to this cat picture gets a $50 Amazon voucher for Christmas!

This is a cute picture of two cats. They look like a couple of ladies engaged in conversation. The one of the left is actually yawning but you could pretend that she was being a little bit too vocal and talkative which has stunned the larger cat into bored silence. There is a glazed look on her face. It is an ideal cat photo for a speech bubble or caption. You can provide a simple comment in the comment box below with what you imagine they are saying. Realism! I don’t expect visitors to try but please do. The US$50 offer or equivalent depending on where you live is genuine. It is not a bad sum of money in some countries. A garment worker in Bangladesh earns $68 per month. Come on Bangladesh people give it a try. You can write the caption in your language if you wish. I will take into account the difficulties in translation etc. I’ll be as fair as I can! 🙂

Best speech bubble or caption gets a $50 voucher
Best speech bubble or caption gets a $50 voucher. Photo in public domain.

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Hairless cat in debauched human pose

This cat photograph, although interesting, is unfair. It is unfair on this individual hairless cat whose pose mimics that of a debauched human. I’m being a bit silly because the cat doesn’t give a damn about being photographed. Although it is a little disrespectful characterising the cat as a hedonistic, debauched human. Cats aren’t like that. They are better! I’m going to guess: the photographer saw their Sphynx cat lounging on the sofa in this human position and decided to put a bottle of cat champagne in front of them before capturing this interesting picture.

Hairless cat mimics behavior of debauched man
Hairless cat mimics behavior of debauched man. Photo: Pinterest and therefore in the public domain.


The cat looks overweight but perhaps it is the pose which is giving this impression? Or perhaps hairless cats are predisposed to looking overweight or indeed perhaps they are often overweight. I’ve seen lots of photographs like this; hairless cats with pot bellies.

The cat appears to be ‘pointed’ in the same way that Siamese cats are pointed. This is because the face is darker than the chest and the extremities of the limbs are darker than the more central parts. You can get pointed hairless cats which sounds peculiar because there is no hair and the pointing is only visible on hair. However, that’s not quite true because hairless cats do have hair; very fine, downy, hair over the body which allows hairless cats to have coat patterns like conventional domestic cats with normal coats.

The photographer captured the moment well with the cat’s tongue sticking out. He is licking his nose which, in fact, is a displacement activity. This occurs when a cat is unsure what to do next. It is the same as humans when they bite their nails or scratch their head.

Perhaps sticking the camera in front of him made him do this. Or perhaps he was given a food treat and is just licking his lips afterwards. I did not know that you could buy feline champagne. I wonder what it tastes like? I guess it is coloured distilled water.

There’s lots of loose skin under the arms which is normal for domestic cats. And the hairless cats often have crinkly skin which is very visible for obvious reasons. I don’t recall anybody discussing the reasons for that. Although I have speculated as to what they may be.


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Unflattering Cat Photo Challenge pictures

I don’t know much about the Unflattering Cat Photo Challenge but here are a couple of pictures from it. The idea is to photograph your cat in situations and positions which portray him or her in an unflattering manner. It’s a personal thing: I don’t see that anything that a domestic cat does as unflattering. I guess I’m missing the point. I’m being too serious! It’s probably fair to say that when a cat is licking their bottom it is not particularly flattering. However, I tend to see it from the cat’s viewpoint. For the cat it is perfectly functional behaviour; entirely normal, highly functional and independent of the need for water. Cats are conservationists. We know how much water humans consume. We are voracious water consumers and consumers in general. We need clothes but cats don’t which is another area of independence. Do you notice how much more independent the domestic cat is compared to humans except for the fact that humans look after them or should do?


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Food loving cat likes to stick his arm through a gap on the hinge side of the fridge door

MARYLAND, USA: He’s Carrot, a smart ginger tabby cat. He was fostered by Rachel Zardus and Andrew Taylor after he was rescued as a kitten from a gas station by a friend who works at an animal hospital. Zardus and Taylor adopted him and he has grown into a handsome and smart cat who loves his food, cries for it and likes to play a game by sticking his paw through the gap between the door and body of the fridge when it is opened as you can see in the photo.

Carrot the cat loves his food
Carrot the cat loves his food. Photo: Zardus and Taylor.

His arm has never been trapped you’ll be pleased to know. They got used to it and the sign is a useful reminder.

He is food driven..He cries for his dinner and he cries for his second dinner…. said Taylor

And he can’t help himself when he is compelled to try and grab some human food from the fridge. He has to try. He likes human food. I think he believes that he is human.

Carrot by his beloved fridge
Carrot by his beloved fridge. Photo: Zardus and Taylor.

The photo went viral and is on Instagram and Reddit. I wonder if his love of food comes from an insecurity about getting it due to his difficult early life living in a gas station? Whatever, he is cute, loved and has become a bit of an internet cat celebrity.

If he’s awake, we pretty much know where he is – Zardus. Fridge?!

Comment: Red tabbies are stars. They are often leaders. I am anthropomporphising cats. But they are popular and seem to be alpha type cats. Is coat color and type linked to character? Well, I believe it is although a lot of people don’t.

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Picture of cat and dog on balcony looking below

Paris - cat and dog on balcony
Paris – cat and dog on balcony. Words added. Pic in public domain.

I don’t think words are needed. It is just a bit of fun. If you want to add the words of your speech bubble please go ahead in a comment.

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Leopard curled up on road in West Yorkshire turns out to be a onesie

WEST YORKSHIRE, UK – OPINION/NEWS: This is an amusing story from, and when I first heard it on the radio I had to agree with the presenter, Steve Allen, on LBC, when he mocked the man who thought he saw a leopard on the road while driving through West Yorkshire, UK. To put it mildly, it would be pretty amazing in the north of England to see an African leopard wandering around or lying dead on the road. But when you see the picture you have to agree that there is a resemblance which might make you stop and look which is exactly what Ben Lilly, 40, did when he passed the spotted object on the road on the A646 near Hebden Bridge last Saturday morning.

Leopard print onesie on road
Leopard print onesie on road. Photo: Kennedy News and Media. Photo taken by Ben Lilly.

He said that his heart was racing when he left his car fearing that he might be ripped to pieces by a fearsome African leopard. He had heard all the stories about big cats roaming across the countryside in Great Britain. These fake news stories of tabby domestic cats filmed at a distance so that the film quality makes it conveniently difficult to judge what you’re looking at, had temporarily got to him.

As he approached the object it immediately dawned on him that he was looking at an abandoned onesie complete with a tail. I think it’s the tail which makes it look almost authentic an the way that it is bundled up in a shape which gives the impression that it is a dead leopard on the road.

He made a joke about it on social media referring to the onesie as a “tart’s coat”. He admits that it was a bit sexist but he was referring to Friday night and Saturday morning when in Halifax a bit of drinking takes place. He also said that living near the Pennines he often sees roadkill, foxes or badges and sometimes cats on the road so this did give him encouragement, let’s put it that way, to imagine that he had stumbled upon a leopard.

I suppose the question is, how it got there? Did one of those drunk females take off her onesie at two in the morning and have illicit sex behind a bush next to the road! That’s sexist too, I think.


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Dragon Cat is Untrainable!

Below is another of the many posts on cats by users who are natural comics.

Dragon cat and amusing commentary
Dragon cat and amusing commentary from user.

The one below is also good. It hints at what people see as the irrational or strange behavior of domestic cats. Cats like to bite stuff when they are young. It is practice for the real thing.

Cat bites chair user’s amusing observation.

The one below if slightly politically incorrect but I have lost track as to what is and what is not politically correct. It is amusing though if you put aside the political incorrectness. There are a gazillion domestic cats who look like Hitler. I wonder what Hitler would have made of it?

Cat looks like Hitler
Cat looks like Hitler which provokes an amusing comment.

There is a big body of users who like their cat talks. And they are heavily impregnated with jokes. Cats still lend themselves to comedy. This is because their behavior mystifies a lot of people. It is not mystifying if you understand cats.


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