F1 Savannah cat in UK placed in wildlife park as too wild for family home

F1 Savannah cat sent to wildlife park

UK – MSN News – OPINION/NEWS: I don’t have hard details but enough to circulate this cat news and add a comment. Someone attempted to smuggle an F1 female Savannah cat into the UK. A female F1 is the daughter of a serval cat and a domestic cat hence F1 or first filial (first …

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Kathrin Stucki on hybrid cat DNA and cat species evolution

Introduction This is a little news story about hybrid cat DNA and cat species evolution. You won’t read it anywhere else. The story comes from Kathrin Stucki, who is a well know figure in the world of cats partly because, with her husband, Martin, she owns and manages A1 Savannahs in Oklahoma. A1 Savannahs …

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World’s Tallest Moggie?

Is Judas the world’s tallest moggie? A moggie is a random bred cat or non-purebred cat. I think he might be and he is British. Guinness World Records do a “tallest pet cat” category. I don’t think they do smallest or biggest because it encourages cat owners of large cats to overfeed them, make …

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