10 signs that a domestic cat is stressed

Hiding is one possible sign of stress in a domestic cat

Below, I list 10 signs of stress in a domestic cat. These may occur together or individually depending upon the source of the stress, the degree of the stress and the individual cat’s character. The last factor is important. Confident cats are certainly less likely to be stressed while conversely timid cats will find …

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First hand experience that anxiety can cause overgrooming in cats

Overgrooming in cats can be quite a serious health problem. Cats can lick the fur off their bodies and don’t even stop there, sometimes. A cat can lick exposed skin raw to the point where it bleeds and becomes infected. Then the skin might itch. Your cat might scratch it and so the problem …

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Cat Stress and Scratching

by Michael A stressed cat is more likely to scratch. I don’t think we discuss this topic much. The commercially available product, Feliway, tackles this cause of scratching. Feliway artificially replicates the cat’s facial pheromone, the scent produced by glands on the side the cat’s head. You see cats rubbing their cheeks against objects …

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