Children at home can provoke increased cat scratching

“We know all about cat behaviour.”

It appears that the presence of a child in the household could potentially contribute to heightened stress levels, thereby leading to more frequent and intense scratching episodes. Study: ‘Evaluating undesired scratching in domestic cats: a multifactorial approach to understand risk factors.’ The study mentioned, published in the Frontiers website dated 03 July 2024, looked …

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Cat and dog owners tend to underestimate the weight of their obese companion animals

Obese people and obese cats

I have just written an article about an obesity epidemic among people in Great Britain and I tied that sad information in with a well-known obesity epidemic among domestic cats in Britain. And while searching for that article I bumped into a study which was published in December 2023. It is, therefore, a recent …

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Do you feel that you are a parent to your cat?

Are you a parent to your cat?

There has been a rise in interspecies families and in parallel a decline in marriage. In the UK, for instance, there are 1.2 million more people in the age brackets 25-35 unmarried in 2021 compared to 10 years earlier. The decline in marriage opens a door to a rise in a different kind of …

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Tammy Hembrow’s infant daughter, Posy, clambers all over the family’s Ragdoll cat Bubbles

Posy clambers all over Bubbles

This makes slightly uncomfortable viewing if you are genuinely concerned about animal AND infant welfare. Tammy Hembrow has received a lot of negative publicity through mainstream online news media such as the Daily Mail because she allowed her nine-month-old daughter Posy to crawl over, in an uncomfortable way, the family’s Ragdoll cat, Bubbles.   …

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Male Bengal cat has ‘kids’ with gray female to create mixed offspring

Domestic cat family sleeps. This is a Bengal male with a gray female and their mixed litter

I like pictures of cats. The photograph shows a male Bengal cat with an all-gray female (with a very thin coat), who are the parents, with their ‘kids’, a mixed bag with one a carbon copy of his ‘dad’. We don’t know why the female’s coat is so thin. She appears to be suffering …

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