Infographic on cat scratching post designs

A slightly isosteric topic but an important one nonetheless as you really want your cat to use the brand-new scratching post that has just been delivered from Amazon. One of the fears of cat owners is that their cat won’t use the scratching post that they have carefully selected. They will if it is …

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Infographic on cats ‘sharpening their claws’ (scratching)

Cat sharpening claws (scratching)

This is an infographic on a form of feline behaviour which is extensively discussed online and extensively carried out by cats! Cat scratching to ‘sharpen their claws’ is the cause of much consternation among a big section of the cat owning society leading on many occasions in North America to that barbaric veterinary operation …

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Is there any furniture that domestic cats won’t scratch?

Wicker furniture is unsuited for scratching by a cat

Pure natural wicker sofas and armchairs are probably the best type of furniture that domestic cats probably won’t scratch, which is currently on the market. However, my conclusion is that there is nothing available which is specifically designed to be cat scratch proof, which surprises me because the market for that kind of furniture …

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6 reasons why hard floors are better than carpeted floors for cat owners

Gabs on the kitchen floor enjoying the underfloor heating

Vinyl or laminate flooring is better than carpeted flooring if you live with a domestic cat. And it is even more desirable if you have underfloor heating. I believe that there are six reasons why hard flooring is better than carpeted flooring. Inappropriate elimination You must have heard a lot about inappropriate elimination. The …

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How to tell your cat NO to using your furniture as a scratching post

Very old scratched armchair that was protected with wide double-sided tape late in life!

You want your cat to scratch. It’s in their DNA. They need to do it to feel normal. It is absolutely part and parcel of the behaviour of a domestic cat. You want your cat to behave normally as it enhances their feeling of wellbeing. It is so deep-rooted in the domestic cat psyche …

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Difference between cat scratching for body maintenance and scratching for marking territory

Cat scratching near boundaries of their home range

As this is a very specific question, the answer will be by necessity short. The clue comes from the position of the scratch marks. As you know cats mark territory with urine spraying and scratching. Scratching leaves a both a visual and olfactory signal as scent is deposited on the object scratched via the …

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Cats and labradors cause more damage around the house than other pets

Tabby moggy causes household damage

British Shorthair is less destructive than the Sphynx. However, take this with a pinch of salt, please! A poll run by the website into the destructiveness or otherwise of companion animals in the home found that among the cat breeds the British Shorthair is far more destructive than the hairless Sphynx. The most …

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Cat scratches litter box walls and digs a lot

A query about a domestic cat scratching her litter box walls may also be part of a general enquiry about why their cat is digging in their litter substrate too much. It looks like slightly manic and abnormal behaviour and it is slightly abnormal but there is a natural and normal reason for it. …

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