Man who put his cat in a blender video jumped

Xu Zhi Hui

This is a disturbing and confusing story but I have gradually unravelled it since posting this page. And the wording of the title I have used for this post is confusing as well. It is taken from Twitter. Please read the whole page as the end is important – I tracked down the man …

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Caught on video: San Francisco Firefighters Local 798 coax cat down from power pole

cat rescued

Here’s a quick (but heart-stopping) video of a cat in San Francisco being coaxed down from a power pole. The firefighters who arrived to assist were afraid the cat would be electrocuted if it moved in the wrong direction. San Francisco Firefighters Local 798 (SFFF Local 798) posted the video on their Facebook page showing …

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Caught on video: Cat stolen from her property near Newberg, Oregon

An Oregon cat was stolen from her property June 22 in Newberg. The entire catnapping was caught on video surveillance. Word has it the vehicle is a 2004-2007 Ford Focus but that hasn’t been confirmed. Elizabeth Sides posted the following on her Facebook wall Monday concerning her cat Sevi, a three-year-old Ragdoll who was stolen …

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