Decriminalizing drugs is harmful to both pets and people

Decriminalizing drugs doesn’t work based on Oregon's and Portugal's liberal 'experiments'.

Although it sounds callous, I believe that drug addicts and alcoholics should not be cat owners. They are simply too unreliable. It depends on the standards of cat caregiving one is trying to attain but these should be high. Being drunk or high on drugs is incompatible with high standards of cat caregiving. Many …

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Cat hoarder in Beaverton, Oregon is on the run after dead and seriously ill cats found abandoned

A cat hoarder in Beaverton, Oregon is on the run after being charged with first-degree animal neglect after dead and seriously ill cats were found abandoned. This case will be told mostly by “copy and paste” because I couldn’t improve on the actual Facebook post telling of the horror this woman put the cats …

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Caught on video: Cat stolen from her property near Newberg, Oregon

An Oregon cat was stolen from her property June 22 in Newberg. The entire catnapping was caught on video surveillance. Word has it the vehicle is a 2004-2007 Ford Focus but that hasn’t been confirmed. Elizabeth Sides posted the following on her Facebook wall Monday concerning her cat Sevi, a three-year-old Ragdoll who was stolen …

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