Pets arrest mental decline in single, over-50s (infographic).

Study finds that for the over-50s living alone living with a pet might completely compensate for the lack of a human network and slow mental decline

This is another study which strongly supports the now accepted view that cat and/or dog companionship can compensate for the lack of a human network in single, over-50 people, living alone which is associated with a more rapid mental decline. I have presented the findings of this Chinese study in an infographic for succinctness. …

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Find happiness in the day-to-day mundane, friends and family and your cat or dog

Barbra Streisand

I’ve just read Giles Coren’s comment article in The Times today, November 11, 2023 which discusses Barbra Streisand’s statement when promoting her memoir in which she said that she hasn’t had fun in her life and that she wants to have some fun now and ‘live life’ which in her words, means: “I want …

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Do domestic cats sit on your lap for warmth or love?

Do domestic cats sit on your lap for warmth or love? It's a balancing act between the two!

It’s the early hours of the morning at about 5 AM and the temperature inside my home is about 22°C. This is a pleasant temperature. I’m in bed dictating this article. My cat is on my legs where he likes to be at this time of the morning. He’s been there for about 10 …

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42% of people adopt companion animals as a “starter child”

Both children in the eyes of many parents

SURVEY – COMMENT: A survey commissioned by a pet food manufacturer, I and love and you, conducted by OnePoll produced some extraordinary information. Perhaps the most outstanding is the information in the title to this article. It seems astonishing that more than four out of ten people or persons who adopt a cat do …

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The beneficial role of companion animals during coronavirus lockdown

When You Believe Your Cat Has Emotions You Are More Attached to Her

You would expect that the presence of companion animals in a household during the coronavirus lockdown would be beneficial to their human guardians and a survey confirms this. The study is called: Human-animal relationships and interactions during the Covid-19 lockdown phase in the UK: Investigating links with mental health and loneliness and it is …

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Wonder cats: Trained to speed dial 911

Beautiful red tabby cat

This is the story of Tommy, a red tabby cat who lived (and may still live) with a guy called Gary Rosheisen. Gary was wheelchair-bound. He suffered from osteoporosis and occasionally had mini-strokes which affected his balance. He lived alone in an apartment with Tommy. He had acquired Tommy three years previous to the …

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