Sight not smell of another cat’s feces in litter tray of multi-cat home is off-putting

Cats deterred by seeing another cats feces in litter tray in multi-cat homes but is not deterred by the smell

RELATED: 5 tips in choosing a litter tray/box and the substrate that goes in it Domestic cats prefer a visually clean litter box to one that has been used by other cats. However, a study found, rather surprisingly to me, that the odour of faeces and urine deposited in the litter tray by other …

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Energetic cleaning routine for caretaker of 6 cats to remove smells

Cleaning routine for a 6 cat home requires energy to keep the smells down

Well, folks, for those who fancy living in a home with multiple cats, this cleaning routine from a lady who I believe lives in the UK living with six cats, may help. It may help in providing a reality check on the energy and commitment needed to manage the home properly. And it only …

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An idea on reducing litter tray odour in multi-cat households and saving money

Catio with outdoor toilet

One of the big problems in multi-cat homes is keeping down litter tray odours. Ideally you need one litter tray per cat plus one (Jackson Galaxy). Depending on the number of cats it can be quite a lot of work keeping the odours down. It might even be impossible, which is why my neighbours …

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Understanding the natural social organisation within cat colonies

A subordinate cat waits while a higher ranking cat eats

With more multi-cat, full-time indoor cat arrangements, it’s important that people understand the natural social organisation of cats. And perhaps the greatest problem for a cat caregiver when looking after cats in a multi-cat home is adding a cat to the “colony”. In effect a multi-cat home is a managed colony of cats. They …

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Do Siamese cats get along with other cats?

Male Flame point contemporary Siamese from Ukraine

As at the date of this post, the top article as found by Google tells us that Siamese cats get along famously with other cats. This is an incorrect answer. In respect of this aspect of feline behaviour, Siamese cats are no different from any other domestic cat either purebred or random-bred. An individual …

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Does a multi-cat lifestyle lead to more negative human-cat interactions?

The question in the title asked whether cats living in multi-cat homes tend to have more negative interactions with their owner compared to single cats living in the home with their owner. I can rely on the results of a study for the answer but I can’t really add a lot of detail as …

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24 facts on problems with multi-cat households and some solutions

Multi-cat home problems

People make the mistake that two cats will automatically be company for each other. They might sometimes but often they don’t become friends. In the worst-case scenario, it may be necessary to rehome one of them. When siblings grow up, they may be no more friendly with each other than unrelated cats. They become …

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Cats in multi-cat homes ‘time share’ and use tail positions to keep the peace

Tail positions can keep the peace in multi-cat homes

A study described the use of space and patterns of interaction among a group of 14 unrelated domestic cats living in a single-story house. Although I am referring to a scientific study, cat owners should not be put off by that because the findings are interesting. Cats are very intelligent in finding ways to …

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