Donald Trump and Kristi Noem are toxic for animal welfare and conservation

Trump with Noem

OPINION: There’s been a lot of talk about Kristi Noem recently because she shot her young dog in a gravel pit on her farm because she considered the dog to be useless as a hunting dog and by all accounts was very irritated with Cricket’s behaviour. She didn’t consider retraining him or rehoming him. …

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The West needs animal loving benevolent dictatorships rather than democracies. Discuss.

Benevolent animal-loving dictator good for animal welfare

I’ll keep this short as it is a little off-track from the normal cat article! And I only want to make one point – a very personal point but one that I’ve been thinking about for a long time and which Rod Liddle writing in The Sunday Times makes today in his inimitable and …

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What’s it like for cats and dogs in Russia?

Russia pets

Russia is in the news. Yes, I am referring to Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. And yes, it is an invasion. Before, I read up a little bit about Russia and their citizens’ relationship with pet cats and dogs, I sensed that things were less sophisticated than in the West. That’s because Russian society in …

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Domestic cats need politicians who like cats and here is one example!

North Carolina Governor Cooper and Bing

North Carolina Governor Cooper is seen in this photograph holding Bing, a Siamese type shelter cat, and smiling. Melissa’s Facebook post tells us that he and the First Lady of North Carolina are very involved in the adoption and fostering of animals from local shelters. They’ve adopted a cat themselves from a shelter found …

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