Microplastics in semen of humans and testes of dogs. Infographic.

Microplastics found in every semen sample in study and in testes of dogs and humans. Infographic.

If you were in any doubt about the extent of worldwide plastic pollution, take a look at this infographic prepared by me based on news reports which are in turn are based in Chinese studies (perhaps the world’s biggest contributor to world pollution). The plastic that we throw away is broken down into tiny …

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Behavioral enrichment protects elderly dogs against dementia. Infographic.

Teach an old dog new tricks to protect against dementia. Infographic

I have converted a text article reporting on this study by researchers from the universities of Kentucky and California (published in The Journal of Neuroscience) into an infographic so that it can be read very quickly without the need to wade through technical terminology. The basic finding probably confirms what many dog owners and …

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Will lab-grown meat be available for pets in the near future?

Lab-grown meat to feed pets at £1 a 150g can

Certainly! Lab-grown meat has made significant strides, and it’s not just for humans. Our furry companions are also getting a taste of this futuristic cuisine. Here’s the scoop: So, your pets might soon enjoy lab-grown meat, contributing to a more sustainable and compassionate future! 🐾🌱. In the UK it takes two years to get new lab-cultivated …

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Extra pollution from EV tyre wear undermines the electric car revolution

Tyre wear undermines EV revolution

This article is ultimately about cats and their welfare because they breathe the same air that we breathe. Pollution inside the home can be worse than outside. Urban-dwelling full-time indoor cats might be breathing in polluted air that their owners are unaware of. This is a hidden health issue which can come home to …

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Most wood-burner owners don’t realise they are harmful with kids and cats the most vulnerable

Wood burning stoves look great but they are harmful but most owners don't realise it

Pretty well everybody loves the look of a wood-burning stove in the living room. There’s nothing really better to make it homely and visually appealing. For a long time they surged in popularity for this reason. But they are harmful. RELATED: Britons turn to log burning to cut bills but how safe is this …

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Social media user asks “How do you discipline a cat without hitting him?”

A user on the quora.com website asks what I consider to be an inappropriate question about cat caregiving namely, “How do you discipline a cat without hitting them?” The woman (Julia) considered hitting her cat to discipline him. I responded by saying that her cat is very unhappy living in her small apartment and …

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Corn-based cat litter can be food for pests which is a downside

Corn based cat litter pellets

There must be some upsides in buying corn-based cat litter but I’m focusing on the downsides here. The major downsides emanate from the obvious fact that corn is a food. Not only food for people but pests including worms. A contributor to this website said that she received a voucher for corn-based litter and …

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