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Allergens and allergies

Increase in human allergies inc. asthma – reason? – children allergic to cats – spread of cat/dog allergen – environment – lifestyle

A Guardian article online interests me because an allergy to cats affects around 10% of people (is this an underestimate?). The conclusion of the Guardian article is that more and more of us are...

John Butler

Calm Mind Calm Home Contented Cat

You may have heard of John Butler. If not, I’ll briefly describe him. He is an 84-year-old former farmer who studied meditation. He has a successful YouTube channel with 125,000 subscribers. His musings have...

Female lion with mane

Do female lions have manes?

Female lions very rarely have manes due to relatively high levels of testosterone. Male lions can lose their mane for the opposite reason: low levels of testosterone, after, for example, being castrated. THERE ARE...

Love between cat lovers

How do I make my cat happy?

The first point to make is that it is not a good idea to think about “making” your cat happy. It implies that you are trying to force your cat to the happy. It...

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