Fact check on ‘domestic cats eat more than 2000 species’

Domestic cat preying on a classic prey animal, the common mouse

Late last year there were many articles on the Internet which stated that domestic cats eat more than 2000 species. In other words, domestic cats across the world preyed upon 2000+ different species of animal. It caused a lot of consternation in conservationists. I have read one or two of the articles based on …

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Complex interplay between Australia’s feral cats, invasive rabbits and native mammals

Feral cat of Australia

There is a confusing (to me) and complex interplay between the feral cats on the Australian continent, the rabbits upon which they prey, and the conservation of precious native mammals. European rabbits were introduced to Australia in the 18th century. European cats were also introduced to the continent at a similar time (as were …

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Vaccinating Siberian tigers against canine distemper virus

Amur tiger

A research study by the scientists of Cornell Wildlife Health Center, in association with others e.g. Dr. Sarah Cleaveland of the University of Glasgow, have concluded that even a low rate of vaccination at two Siberian tigers per year within a small population can reduce the tigers’ risk of extinction significantly “at a cost …

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