Why do domestic cats still hunt?

Feline hunting is in their DNA

Domestic cats still hunt because it is in their DNA to do so. It is a characteristic which is a genetic inheritance. It is hard wired into their brains and personalities. And it has not been removed by humans controlling the breeding of cats. The vast majority of domestic cats are random bred. Darwin’s …

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How did the cat become domesticated?

First domestic cat in Cyprus grave

For a long time, people believed that the first cat was domesticated in ancient Egypt about 3,500 years ago. There are lots of records of domestic cats of that time as we well know. This information is still disseminated on the Internet by well-established websites. However, the theory was challenged about 10 years ago …

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Traumatic road accident domesticates wild feral cat

Sweet looking feral cat

I was told the vague but interesting story of a genuinely wild feral cat who was involved in a traffic accident. He suffered a bruised spine and broken legs. He was paralysed for a while but remarkably he recovered under the care of a cat loving volunteer to whom he became attached. His personality …

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The adorable and cute Pallas’s cat is quite friendly

Cute Pallas's cat in rucksack

It is not often that you can describe a wild cat, albeit a small one, as “quite friendly” as Mel and Fiona Sunquist did in their excellent book1. And yet a well-known British biologist, R.I. Pocock described captive Pallas’s cats (alternative names ‘manul’ or ‘Pallas cat’) as follows: The manul is markedly different in …

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