Cat swallowed a sewing needle

Cat swallows sewing needle

The video shows the removal of the sewing needle from the back of a cat’s mouth by a veterinarian. Hard to watch. Some of the comments indicate that I am not alone in that regard e.g., “someone tell me he’s okay. I can’t watch this.” The owner said: “I’m one of the owners, his …

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Awarding fixed damages for emotional distress on criminal damage to cats and dogs

I award $2,000 for emotional distress on the loss of you cat!

Judges should be under a legal obligation to award fixed damages for emotional distress in a claim for compensation for the illegal loss or injury of a cat or dog. In this article I’m referring to the way the courts undervalue companion dogs and cats and indeed other animals. If a person’s dog or …

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A slightly injured bridge of a domestic cat’s nose is not unusual (picture)

Cats nose slightly injured

I think this is mildly instructional as many domestic cats suffer minor injuries to the bridge of their nose. Domestic cats are inquisitive. They like to sniff objects to discover what they are. They like to force their head into small spaces sometimes as part of this inquisitive behaviour. This can only result in …

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Councilman allegedly targeted 3 cats when driving down suburban road

Allegedly Councilman deliberately targets cats with his car

BEAVER COUNTY, Pennsylvania-NEWS AND COMMENT: This is a report on an online news media channel, Channel 11, which has taken its information from a Facebook post. The post is still live. However, please note that eventually this post will be deleted I expect. It just depends when. The link to the post is at …

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Does acupuncture work for cats?

Acupuncture for cats

My research indicates that acupuncture for cats works provided the cat accepts it and provided it is used to help resolve an appropriate health condition such as nerve damage and the treatment is carried out by a veterinarian or associated professional. Dr Bruce Fogle Dr. Bruce Fogle provides us with a veterinary opinion on …

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