Do socialised feral cats retain some of their wild character throughout their life?

Gabriel has retained a tiny bit of his feral character after being socialised at 7 weeks of age. He is now around 8 years of age.

We hear a lot about socialising feral cats; turning them into domestic cats. I did it myself. I can write about this with the advantage of personal experience. It’s quite an important topic because there are many stray and feral cats that can and should be brought into the home as pets. My story …

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Sad “Big Red” a special ginger tabby feral cat who decided to be domesticated

Big Red

Big Red is a special ginger tabby feral cat, found in St George, Utah, USA, and rescued; and once rescued he decided to be domesticated and feel the warmth, both physical and emotional, of having a human caregiver look after him. I guess he had had enough of being a feral cat, struggling to …

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Traumatic road accident domesticates wild feral cat

Sweet looking feral cat

I was told the vague but interesting story of a genuinely wild feral cat who was involved in a traffic accident. He suffered a bruised spine and broken legs. He was paralysed for a while but remarkably he recovered under the care of a cat loving volunteer to whom he became attached. His personality …

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Reward offered for ‘former feral’ cat stolen from Indiana TNR organization

stolen cat

A cat stolen from a Johnson County, Indiana TNR organization last Friday has prompted a reward by Johnson County Community Cats for her safe return. Riesling is a former feral who took weeks to socialize once she and her siblings (and mom) were trapped. The TNR group posted on their Facebook community page “We …

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Grey Shadow: Returned to the colony because rescues were full, this love bug needs a forever home

by Readers Forum guest writer Gina Jennings Raleigh, NC December 5, 2018 Grey Shadow showed up at an established and stabilized colony about 4 years ago. I was never able to trap him or get him to come near me. It was obvious from his backside that he wasn’t neutered and was still packing …

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Wow! Yvette has socialized over 700 feral cats (audio interview)

Yvette Harper with one of her cats

Yvette Harper is an extraordinary lady. She understands feral cats and knows that you never force along the process of socialization. It’s baby steps all the way otherwise you get knock-backs because cats lose the trust that has been patiently gained. She has being socialising feral cats for about four years. For those who …

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Feral Cat “Marvin” Becomes a Domestic Cat

By Dorothy Wandruff (DW) Marvin, has been officially living with me for over a year now. It is his choice, of course. He spent the first ten years of his life as a colony cat turned TNR cat. He made the transition from feral cat to human-friendly cat quite easily, I am told. In …

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