Do cats need to socialize with other cats in order to be happy and healthy?

Cats friendly with each other

Do cats need to socialise with other cats in order to be happy and healthy? What the question is asking is whether a domestic cat needs to successfully live with another domestic cat in a good relationship in order to be happy and healthy. And the answer is no because there are many millions …

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Test that your cat is fully domesticated when interacting with you

Human hand and cat

Introduction: this test requires that the cat’s owner has never used their hand as a toy for their cat. If that has happened, their cat will instinctively want to attack it. I am referring to a test to assess cat domestication in interactions with their owner. I accept that all domestic cats have a …

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Presence of mother during socialisation of kittens can be a positive or negative influence

Sweet kitten

This is a quick note and no more because there is not a lot of information about this due to a dearth of studies. However, the presence of a mother cat during the socialisation of her kittens can have a negative or positive effect upon the socialisation process. There is evidence to suggest that …

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Example of using positive reinforcement to socialise a cat (video)

'Journey' a stray cat from China being socialised through positive reinforcement training

We hear a lot about positive reinforcement in socialising feral and stray cats. Positive reinforcement is a way of training cats and it can be used to train a cat to trust a human and people in general at which point the cat is socialised and therefore domesticated. A cat called ‘Journey’ was a …

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