Are Burmese cats vocal?

Burmese are vocal

The question in the title is asking if Burmese cats make a lot of noise! The simple but slightly vague answer is that they will probably be more vocal than your typical domestic cat either purebred or non-purebred because they have some Siamese cat in them and the Siamese is known to be vocal. …

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American Burmese cat – evolution and comparison with European Burmese

American Burmese cat

Pointed cat with hard-to-see points The Burmese cat is a pointed cat meaning that it has darker extremities than the areas in the middle of the body. However, the pointing may be difficult to see except in full sunlight. And, for example, the stable Burmese has dark brown points and a dark brown body …

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Female lilac European Burmese

European Burmese bred in Russia

This is a lilac, European Burmese bred by Юлия Ланцова who lives in Moscow, Russia. It’s a very good picture and I think it illustrates this cat breed nicely. It also emphasises the fact that there is a difference between North American and European Burmese cats. I’d like to discuss that briefly. Gloria Stephens …

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Burmese Cat Facts For Kids

This is a page on the Burmese cat written for children and people who like to see great cat pictures and easy to read words. The Burmese is a breed of cat. It is one of the main cat breeds and has been around for a long time. The Burmese cat comes from a …

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