Scarlet Blake has cat microchip in her chest and identified as a cat despite killing one brutally

Scarlet Blake police mugshot

NEWS AND OPINION: Scarlet Blake had a cat microchip inserted in her chest and identified as a feline. A lot has been written about Scarlet Blake recently particularly by the Mail Online. A lot of rather ugly details have emerged. She’s recently been found guilty at a UK criminal trial for her murder of …

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Here’s why micro-chipping your cat does not always get them back when found

Fred and Gino

Micro-chipping your cat is considered to be the default situation in developed countries in 2023. It’s a necessity. It’ll become a legal obligation in the UK. That’s all well and good. But micro-chipping doesn’t always end with the happy reunion of lost cat and owner even when the cat has been found. Fred’s story …

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11 recommendations on scanning a cat for a microchip

Scanning a cat for microchip

Here are 11 recommendations for microchip scanning of domestic, stray and community (feral) cats. The illustration shows a recommended scanning pattern to ensure that the chip is not missed. Alley Cat Allies have a nice quiz on Twitter about scanning for a cat microchip and they ask whether you should scan the sides, between …

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