Rare fatal mountain lion attack El Dorado County 23rd March 2024

Fierce cougar

Fatal mountain lion (puma) attacks on people – often hikers in the beautiful American countryside – are very rare. But sometimes the cat is totally committed to the attack and cannot be scared off using the usual well-known techniques. This story is one such case. The sad story of a recent fatal mountain lion …

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Why hasn’t California got a farmers’ insurance scheme against mountain lion predation?

Mountain lion caught in camera trap by National Park Services AP

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA – OPINION/NEWS: It is reported that a mountain lion who was being tracked by scientists as part of a study has been shot dead because it had hunted and killed the livestock of a farmer who’d reported the loss of 12 animals over 2 years. It is illegal to hunt …

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Three mountain lions shot dead because they were scavenging on a human corpse

Pima Canyon Trail where three mountain lions were shot because they were scavenging on a human corpse

The report in The Times newspaper is clear. A mother mountain lion and her two offspring were not suspected of killing the person that they were eating but nonetheless all three were shot dead because Arizona Game and Fish Department (AGFD) decided that they posed a risk to people as they showed no fear …

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If a cougar mauls a dog and kills a domestic cat you shoot the cougar

Beautiful puma

The policy of conservation officerso in the area of Penticton1, British Columbia, Canada, is to shoot dead a cougar (even a young one2) if it mauls someone’s dog and kills a cat. Conservation officers do this because it indicates a pattern of taking domestic pets instead of sticking to a ‘natural diet of deer …

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Is this the first time that a mountain lion has been killed with bare hands?

How to deal with a mountain lion attack

There is an extraordinary story in the online newspapers this morning about a trail runner killing a mountain lion with his bare hands. In other words he strangled the cat. It is the first time that I have heard of a person strangling a mountain lion. Although, this was a juvenile weighing about 80 …

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How you might encounter a mountain lion in America

Encountering a mountain lion in California

The video below gives us a nice feel for how a trekker might encounter a cougar (puma or mountain lion) in America. This incident occurred in California. I believe there is a misconception about the desire of mountain lions to attack humans. They hardly ever do it. Children are normally the victims. Mountain lion …

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Introducing Mountain Lions to Eastern America Could Save Human Lives

Mountain lions can save lives. This has been suggested by safety experts, who took the lead from a group of wildlife scientists from Western states and Alaska who have been studying the effect that cougars have upon road accidents. Sophie Gilbert a wildlife ecologist working at the University of Idaho and Laura Prugh of …

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