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Cat flea

Before I write about cat flea treatment, I would like to discuss cat fleas generally. Some time ago I wrote a succinct post on the life cycle of the cat flea – fascinating..:). There are other posts from visitors (and me!) too. Here is a nice selection: Update 16th October 2010: The Cat Flea: …

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Are flea collars safe for kittens?

Cat flea collar

Flea collars are not safe for kittens unless you talk to a good veterinarian first and even then I’d consider them fundamentally unsafe but that’s a personal view. I have strong views about these products and the use of pesticides on pets. It’s essential that you take advice on these products because they are …

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Permethrin-treated clothing toxic to cats

Spraying clothes with permethrin

Some people spray the insecticide permethrin on their clothing to stop them being bitten by ticks. Ticks can cause nasty illnesses in people: Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain spotted fever. It sounds like a reasonable idea but permethrin is very toxic to cats. So, if you own a cat, personally, I would not spray …

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Health Risk of a Cat Playing with a Dog

There is one significant but I hope rare health risk when a cat plays with a dog and there must be millions cats playing with millions of dogs in the USA, UK and Europe and elsewhere. When I say “playing”, I mean being in close contact. I am unsure whether this is common knowledge. …

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Cat Shampoo Poisoning

By Rudolph Furtado (Mumbai, India) For all cat owners here is the account of my 5 year old tomcat Matata almost succumbing to “Shampoo poisoning“. On Friday (25-7-2014) I gave tomcat Matata an anti-flea shampoo bath using “Bayo Pet Brand Bolfo Shampoo” which recommended for both dogs and cats. After the bath everything was …

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Carpet Chemicals and Cats

Are chemicals added to new carpets poisoning cats or causing allergies or dermatitis or breathing problems and cancer? I don’t know and neither does anyone else. However, there is often a cocktail of nasty chemicals added to new carpets for commercial reasons and cats frequently spend a lot of time on carpets. They sleep …

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Dog Flea Treatments Kill Cats

I know this has been said a lot on the internet but it needs to be said over and over again because hundreds of cats are dying a painful death each year in the UK because their owners wanted to save some money by using a dog flea treatment on their cat. Or they …

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