Cat flea treatment insecticides are poisoning aquatic life in rivers

and imidacloprid insecticides from cat spot-on treatments are entering rivers from washing hands embedding of pets and poisoning aquatic life in those rivers.

NEWS AND OPINION: It’s remarkable to report that insecticides such as for fipronil and imidacloprid in cat and dog spot on flea treatments are getting into rivers and watercourses in the UK after the pets’ owners wash their hands or they wash bedding and other products which have come into contact with the companion …

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Call center worker allegedly got 200-300 complaints daily on Hartz flea treatment killing pets

Hartz flea treatment is allegedly killing a huge number of pets

This is another highly disturbing story about killing cats and dogs. It is sad and morbidly fascinating that when you search Twitter for tweets on ‘killing cats’ these sorts of stories pop up. Often it is a crazy individual who takes pleasure in torturing and killing domestic cats allowed outdoors. In this instance if …

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Cats are exposed to certain pesticides at levels that warrant immediate attention

Study on pesticides affecting cats and dogs is very concerning

A new study has found that there is widespread exposure to multiple pesticides in pet cats and dogs mostly from flea and tick products. The study concluded that “pesticide exposure in dogs and cats has been linked to mammary cancer, lymphoma, bladder cancer, and oral squamous cell carcinoma, reflecting effects similar to those reported …

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Do cat fleas live on dogs?

Cat fleas don't fly

Yes, the short answer is that cat fleas do live on dogs. Their principal host is the domestic cat but they are an extremely common parasite and versatile. Therefore a high proportion of fleas found on dogs are also cat fleas, the Latin, scientific name of which is Ctenocephalides felis. It is named the …

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Itchy cats: Don’t give anti-flea treatment first

Cat fleas cannot fly

Because cat fleas are such a predominant feline health issue, there might be a tendency among cat guardians to presume that their cat has fleas when they start scratching themselves because their skin is itchy. The advice is to stop, think and check for the reason for itchiness because (a) flea treatments are insecticides, …

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Dog ‘Spot On’ flea treatment packaging needs to be changed to protect cats

The Pet Poison Helpline makes it clear that topical spot-on insecticides for dogs is one of the most common ways to poison a cat. The dog spot-on treatments contain an insecticide which is highly toxic to cats: pyrethrins or pyrethroids. The poisoning is life-threatening. Cats can suffer severe drooling tremors and seizures. Many cat …

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Dog Flea Treatments Kill Cats

I know this has been said a lot on the internet but it needs to be said over and over again because hundreds of cats are dying a painful death each year in the UK because their owners wanted to save some money by using a dog flea treatment on their cat. Or they …

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