Poop sends messages to other cats and animals thanks to bacteria living in anal glands

Cat pooping

Domestic cats don’t see faeces as humans do. They are not squeamish about it. Their poop is a very useful communication tool which is why it is deposited above ground sometimes at central areas which might be regarded as toilets in respect of wild cat species. It is the smell from cat poop which …

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Cat faeces weaponized in an intense neighbour dispute

Cat shit weaponised in neighbour dispute

NEWS AND VIEWS – CHISWICK, UK: The Times reports on cat faeces being weaponized in a ‘war’ between neighbours over four inches of property! Yep, this is an argument over four inches of backyard. I can understand the annoyance and I can understand the desire to hit out but there must be a better …

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Flushing cat litter down the loo can transmit Toxocara eggs to others and block sewers

Flushing cat litter down the loo can spread Toxocara eggs to others and block sewers.

Water company comment on this In the UK, Collette Parker, Anglian Water customer engagement manager, said: This kind of animal waste should never be flushed down the loo. Although rare, dog and cat poo can carry Toxocara, which is one of the very few bacteria [they mean parasite] that we are unable to eliminate …

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Can I flush cat poop down the toilet?

Heart-shaped poop from cat litter tray that tells you that your cat loves you

Yes, you can BUT you have to separate the poop from the litter substrate before you do so which makes the concept untenable. I think that answers the question in one sentence but I’ll carry on. There’s even a problem with flushing pure cat poop down the toilet with nothing attached to it and …

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Why is cat poop so smelly?

Smelly cat poop!

Sulphur compounds make cats’ poop smelly, as for humans. I am not sure that all cat poop is ‘so smelly’ (i.e. very smelly) but if it is there is a reason for it: protein. We all know that a cat’s diet should be relatively high in protein. So why does protein cause smelly poop? …

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